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Real Estate Video

SACREP Real Estate Video Property Tours are the Perfect Way To Elevate Your Listings Above the Neighborhood Competition!

All of our videos are uploaded to our Facebook and YouTube profiles, and you will also receive a high definition video file to upload to any personal profiles or websites. All of our property tour videos utilize aerial video footage when possible. Scroll down to listen to the available music choices for your property video.

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85% of sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses video marketing.

“Homebuyers are turning to the Internet before they turn to real estate agents, so you need to have an online presence if you want them to find you and your listings. But just putting up a website and feeding your listings to the local MLS isn’t enough to round out your marketing strategy. Homebuyers are increasingly turning to video for house hunting, and video is proving to be one of the most effective ways to corner the online market.”


“Preview” Property Tour Video: $249

With our “Preview” real estate video property tour video, you will receive a 60 second exterior only video tour.
Great for “Coming Soon” listings, Acreage, or Fixers…
The Preview video tour will give prospective buyers a sneak peek of the home,
encouraging them to call you for a full showing!

Feature” Property Tour Video: $399

With our “Feature” real estate video property tour, you will receive a 60 second interior and exterior video tour.
This option is a condensed video tour that focuses on the main features of the home.
The Feature video is perfect for use on social media websites.

“Deluxe” Property Tour Video: $599

With our “Deluxe” property tour, you will receive a ~3 minute interior and exterior video tour.
The Deluxe video tour will truly take your seller’s breathe away and take potential buyers on
a comprehensive tour of your listing, it’s nearly as good as seeing the home in person!

Video appointment scheduling availability is limited, please email to schedule your real estate video property tour

Music Selection
The following songs are available for use in your real estate video property tour video: