85% of Buyers and Sellers Prefer to Work With an Agent Who Uses Video Marketing

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Real Estate Video:

Custom high definition property tour video tastefully set to music,
then uploaded online and distributed to multiple websites for maximum exposure.
We have compiled a fantastic selection of music to suit any home or style!

Available Upgrades & Options:
Combine upgrades to customize your real estate video
& truly set yourself apart from the competition!
Call or email for more information about video upgrades

Aerial Footage
** The FAA are currently in the process of determining a set of safety guidelines and
restrictions for the commercial use of unmanned aerial photography units.
Until this process is complete, many agencies have encouraged their agents
against the use of aerial photography to market their listings **

If you are still interested in utilizing aerial footage in your property video,
we have the resources to provide that footage.

Social Media Clips
Multiple 15 second & 30 second segments of branded video for use
on Facebook, Instagram, Vine and other social platforms.

Time Lapse Photography
Show clouds passing overhead, the shadows on the ground or the transit of the sun through the sky!

Local Community Footage
Additional video footage from local community landmarks displayed along
with the standard property video, normally at the end of the video.

Neighborhood Approach
Filmed approach to the property through the neighborhood.
Good for showing proximity to parks & features or privacy from road.

Marketing Text Captions
Custom marketing text captions to describe the home’s details.